PACK-IST is the Europe's first and unique Flexible Packaging Fair

PACK-IST Flexible Packaging Fair will be held third time on 02-05 April 2015, at İstanbul Expo Center by Yağmur Fuarcılık and FASD (Flexible Packaging Manufacturers Association).

PACK-IST Fair was held first time in 2012 at Istanbul Expo Center by Yağmur Fuarcılık and FASD (Flexible Packaging Manufacturers Association). PACK-IST is the second in the world and first and unique flexible packaging fair in Europe.

Flexible packaging industry is growing rapidly

One of the most important pillars of the success of the fair is the sector’s size and width of the export capacity in Turkey. Flexible packaging production and sale reached 5,5 Million $ in 2012. Currently £ 6.5 million are estimated to have a value of production of flexible packaging accounted 44 percent of the total packaging consumption. 45 percent of production is exported. Eight percent on average in 2012, the center of attraction for investors is generating growing industries in the world.

Flexible packaging market which magnifies sectors in Turkey

Flexible packaging is used intensively in Turkey’s food and drink sector is growing at an average of fifteen percent. Flexible packaging is used at the rate of forty percent in food industry. And in the last decade, according to data from Eurostat,(the European Statistical Office) increase of exports in food industry is three times of the world average. Turkey is the world’s 15th exporter of food and beverages. Last ten years there is a regularly increase textiles, cosmetics, detergents, cleaning products, hygiene that sectors intensively used flexible packaging.

PACK-IST Fair gave place product designs to the Turkey’s largest packaging manufacturers and exporters

2nd Flexible Packaging Fair PACK-IST was held extensive participation on 23-26 May 2013 at İstanbul Expo Center by Yağmur Fuarcılık and FASD (Flexible Packaging Manufacturers Association).

PACK-IST Fair was hosted over a hundred participants and thousands of visitors at the sector.

PACK-IST Fair has become the most important specialized event gathering the attentions of the world investors to the Turkey flexible markets under the roof. With technology, design competitive strength and investors from 43 countries and 57 cities proved to be a key project to move forward the exhibition vision of flexible packaging industry. The most important companies that were authority in world exports of sector have showed their power in technology design and innovation taking place in PACK-IST 2013.

In addition, the important section of PACK-IST exhibitors is among the first thousand industrial enterprise and most important exporters in Turkey.

Qualitatively moved to first sequence of PACK-IST participant profile from Turkey and several major investors from around the world to visit the exhibition and the exhibition was a serious allows to reach commercial size.

Innovations of flexible packaging meet with the target audience at PACK-IST

Turkey will become Europe’s flexible packaging production base in 2020

The Chairman of FASD Enver Bakioğlu explained the target of the flexible packaging industry in an interview that published on the May 2014 issue of magazine of Plastik Ambalaj Teknolojisi:“To be a production base of flexible packaging industry of Europe in 2020” and said “I would like to say proudly, that the industry of flexible packaging achieved successes of significant export in line with this target”.

In this context, Bakioğlu, noted that attach importance to PACK-IST which is the only specialist fair of industry “In the coming years with the introduction of comprehensive of PACK-IST, especially for European, African and Middle Eastern food manufacturers we aim to become an attractive exhibition to be visited extensively. Certainly this is directly related to the participant and visitor profile of exhibition. Therefore, we would have invited all sector components to take part in this exhibition. If manufacturers and suppliers take place in an intensive in this exhibition customers will also show the same density interest in exhibition. Our efforts in this area we aim to pass all PACK-IST’s are more successful than the previous one. This year the FPE “Flexible Packaging Europe” visits the PACK-IST as a managing director level is a nice improvement from this perspective.”

Opportunity to meet with visitors from all over the world

PACK-IST 2013 participants had the opportunity to meet visitors from 42 countries from abroad. Visit the main countries that perform, Iran, Germany, Jordan, Bulgaria, Azerbaijan, Iraq, Israel, United Arab Emirates, Tunisia, Romania, Saudi Arabia, Italy, Russia, Syria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Egypt, South Africa, Ukraine, Algeria, Czech Republic, Sweden, Kazakhistan, Greece, Armenia, Ireland, Cyprus, Libya, Macedonia, Turkmenistan, Georgia, India, Holland, Spain, Lebanon, Luxembourg, Uzbekistan, Belgium, France, England, Qatar, Kuwait, Morocco.

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